Dyeing with dandelions

My expanding interest in natural dyes prompted me to experiment with dandelions and see what types of results I could get from these bright yellow weeds. 

Harvest: Dandelions are everywhere when they are in season. I picked all of mine from a friends backyard. 

Prior to dyeing: I stored my dandelions in a brown paper bag before soaking them over night. The flowers soaked in a glass jar filled with hot water. In another jar, I soaked the fabric I was going to dye in hot water and a bit of alum mordant. 

Dyeing process: I poured the daffodils and water into a stainless steel stock pot I use specifically for dyeing. I brought the bath to a simmer and added a bit more alum before adding the fabric. After adding the fabric, I let the bath simmer for a few minutes before taking it off the stove and bringing the pot outside. I left the fabric in the covered dye bath until it cooled down completely. 

Results: The cotton fabric dyed pale yellow. I also dyed a small piece of silk which captured a darker tan. Time will tell how colorfast the dye is... the color is pale to begin with... a fun experiment nonetheless!