a trip to squam

About a week before the Fall session of Squam Art Workshops was scheduled to begin I was gifted a spot by someone who could no longer attend. What an incredible gift it was… I made the trip to Holderness NH with my friend Karen, chatting, listening to music, and admiring the scenery. I made the commitment to keep my phone off the whole time in order to allow myself the chance to truly disconnect and rest. Being up at Squam was magical. We slept in non-winterized cabins, keeping warm by lighting the fire at night. We all walked everywhere- to class, to get meals, to visit with friends. It was such a privilege to be able to take this time away to get more intune with myself and to connect with so many wonderful creative people.

communal spaces decorated by the squam art workshop staff


views of the lake


cozy cabins


dock time

Bailey RahaComment