Bailey Raha is a quilter living and working in Northwest Connecticut at the foothills of the Berkshires. Her work consists primarily of large hand quilted pieces, made from second hand clothing and naturally dyed fabrics. Her primary inspirations are the seasonal hues of the landscape, the marks of handcraft, and a deep love for the stories of women who’ve come before her. She uses heirloom quality materials and techniques to ensure the pieces she makes will last a lifetime.

I oftentimes find myself standing at the edge of reality, uneasily walking the line between my own waking life and the collected consciousness of the women who’ve come before me. What compels me to create is the desire to immerse myself in these lives filled with tales of sorrow, love, hope, mysticism, work, family, rebellion, independence. The quilts I make allow me to tap into that folklore, to stitch my way through the stories of women who I’ve never met, yet who are so tightly woven into my own psyche.